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Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions: A Guide for Homeowners

Energy-efficient lights

Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions for QLD Homeowners

The average Australian household spends up to 10% of their electricity bill on lighting alone. For this reason, energy-efficient lights are becoming an increasingly popular trend for homes around the country. By choosing an efficient lighting design, you save money on your electricity bills, whilst contributing to reduced energy consumption and, in turn, your carbon footprint. There is a number of advanced LED technologies and smart lighting systems that offer energy-efficient light solutions. In this article, Key West Electrical discusses the different types of energy-efficient lighting solutions for Australian homes.

LED Bulbs for Energy Saving Lighting

Light-Emitting Diodes, or LED lighting, is a type of light bulb that has become the most popular for Australian homes. Not only are they energy efficient, but they also have a number of other characteristics that make them a smart choice. Other bulbs such as halogen bulbs and fluorescent bulbs are far less energy-efficient and hence cost more to run. LED lights on the other hand last longer, are about 90% more energy-efficient than the other options, are cheaper to buy and replace, and are the most durable energy saving lighting option currently available. In harsh Australian conditions, having a light bulb that is durable and resistant to the elements can go a long way, especially if you are using it in an outdoor setting. All in all, LED bulbs are the most energy-efficient lighting option on the market.

Smart Lighting Systems

When the term ‘smart lighting systems’ is used, people generally think about automated lights that can be turned on by voice recognition or clapping your hands twice. However, in reality, smart lighting systems can be simple yet effective ways of reducing energy use in the home. An efficient lighting design can include dimmers, which allow you to adjust the intensity of your lights depending on how brightly you want your room to be lit. The lower you dim your lights, the less energy you use.

Sensor Controlled Lighting

Text: Another smart lighting system is sensor-controlled lights. When you are away from your house and know that you will be returning when it is dark, many people decide to leave a light on for the duration of the afternoon so that it is ready when they get home. A sensor-controlled light gives you the ability to have lights off throughout the day, with one turning on immediately when you return. These energy-efficient lights save you power and also save you money in the long run.

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