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Choosing the Right Electrical Panel for Your Property

Electrical panel

Choosing an Electrical Panel for Queensland Properties

In order for your residential or commercial property to be electrically powered, you must have an electrical panel to control the distribution of electricity to different areas of the building. Electricity in Australia is provided from a main line which connects to a power station. This main line then connects to properties within the area. In this article, Key West Electrical discusses how to go about choosing the right type of electrical panel for your property. We’ll discuss the role of the electrical panel as well as the factors that determine the type of electrical control panel that is best for your Queensland property.

What is an Electrical Control Panel?

Simply put, an electrical panel is a service box that connects the main power line to your home and distributes electricity to different areas of your property. The panel will have a number of different switches which control the various electrical lines through the property. You may have experienced a situation in which lights go out in a certain area of the building, and you subsequently find a switch that is tripped on the electrical panel, showing that there was an issue with that particular electrical line.

Types of Electrical Panel

There is a number of different types of electrical panel, including:

● Main Breaker Panels: Located near the electrical metre, main breaker panels are responsible for directing power to all electrical circuits throughout the property.

● Subpanels: Additional to the main breaker panel, subpanels are responsible for distributing power to specific areas of your home. They are beneficial as they allow you to add circuits without overloading the main breaker panel.

Choosing the Right Electrical Control Panel

In order to choose the right electrical panel for your property, you should first understand how much power your property uses. If you are in a commercial setting, you may have more appliances and a larger space to provide electricity to. In this case, a more powerful electrical panel may be necessary. Alternatively, in a small residential home, a smaller and less powerful electrical control panel may be sufficient to power your home safely and effectively.

Upgrading or Replacing Your Panel

A standard electrical control panel should last between 25 - 40 years, after which it should be replaced. If you experience flickering lights, switches that are constantly tripping, or any burning or melting in the panel, it is time for an upgrade. If you install a large new appliance such as a refrigerator, freezer or air conditioner, always check to see if your electrical panel has enough bandwidth.

Hiring a Professional Electrical Service

Electrical panels are an integral part of your home, providing an electrical service that is crucial in maintaining an efficient property. If you have issues with your electrical control panel and do not have the skills to fix it yourself, call Key West Electrical, and one of our professionals will be on hand help.

Contact Key West Electrical online to speak to our experienced team today, or request a quote and we’ll be in touch within 3 business days.

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