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Upgrade Your Outdoor Space with Landscape Lighting Ideas

landscape lighting ideas

Upgrade Outdoor Spaces with Landscape Lighting Ideas, QLD

Outdoor lighting can transform your garden into a perfectly lit, beautiful space. Outdoor landscape lighting allows you to show off your garden, see at night and create stunning yet practical entertaining areas. As Australians, we love nothing more than having friends or family over for a cook-up in the backyard. By incorporating great landscape lighting, you can make your backyard the most unique and wonderful space for hosting. In this article, Key West Electrical discusses landscape lighting and how it can accentuate certain areas of your Queensland garden.

Different Types of Landscape Lighting

There are different types of landscape lighting ideas that you, as a homeowner, can use to make your outdoor space come to life.

● Path lighting is a great way to guide people to entrances, exits and special areas of your garden

● Spotlighting helps highlight certain areas, such as trees or plants, by shining a light upwards from the ground

● String lighting helps create a warm and ambient feel to the space and is fantastic for entertaining

● Deck lighting can be used to help safely guide guests up and down steps as well as to highlight certain garden features

Other outdoor landscape lighting options, such as lanterns and candles, can further enhance the aesthetics of the space.

Planning Your Outdoor Lighting Design

The process of planning your outdoor landscape lighting should start at the same time as designing your outdoor space. Think about certain features that you want in your garden and how you can use certain types of lighting to accentuate them. If, for example, you have a water feature in your garden, consider spotlights to highlight and help show off the sculptural piece of art. In a practical sense, when designing outdoor entertaining spaces, you should take into consideration where your guests will be gathering and how much light you will need in order to ensure it is functional.

Path Lighting

Path lighting is one of the best ways to both guide your guests safely and make them feel welcomed and more secure. Path lighting in your front yard is particularly important as it creates a good first impression, however, it can be equally effective and necessary to guide people to certain entertaining spaces, such as a deck, a swimming pool or an alfresco area.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Maintaining your outdoor lights can be more difficult than indoor ones due to their exposure to the elements. When choosing your outdoor lights, be sure to choose ones that have strong waterproof casings. Prior to the summer months, in which you will be using your outdoor lighting more often, be sure to check them to see if they are still working or need to be replaced.

CTA: Speak to the Key West Electrical team for more expert landscape lighting ideas. Contact us online today or request a free quote on our Get a Quote page.

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