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Common Electrical Issues and How to Troubleshoot Them

Electrical problems

Troubleshooting Common Electrical Faults in Queensland

An electrical problem can pose a risk to you and others in the building, and it can also damage electrical appliances, which can prove to be extremely costly, particularly when it involves large appliances such as fridges and air conditioners. A number of common electrical faults can arise within a Queensland household. In this article, Key West Electrical discusses electrical problems and how you can go about troubleshooting them.

Ungrounded Connections

One common electrical issue that property owners face is ungrounded appliances. Grounding is a process that allows a pathway for any excess current to flow in case of a short circuit. Non-grounded appliances can shock you when you touch them. A simple way of fixing this issue is simply to have an electrical professional come to your house and ensure that all of your electrical circuits are properly grounded.

Lighting Problems

If your light bulbs are often burning and going out, it is a sign that your property may have an electrical issue. Some of the reasons for your light bulbs going out may excess wattage, high voltage, improper air circulation or bad wiring. The first option for dealing with this issue is to check if the light bulb holder is loose. If you are unable to verify a loose bulb holder, you should call in a professional to diagnose and fix the issue.

Receiving Electric Shocks

If you consistently receive electrical shocks when turning appliances on and off, or simply just touching them, it is an indication of an elctrical probleem in the property. It may be due to ungrounded circuits, as mentioned above, or poor wiring may be causing an inconsistent power supply. One way to narrow down the cause of the problem is to unplug the device and plug in a different device to the same power outlet. If you still get shocks, you should call an electrician in to diagnose and fix the problem.

Electric Surges

Electrical surges are generally caused by poor wiring, faulty appliances or damaged power lines. Although they generally only last for a split second, consistent power surges can seriously damage the appliances in your home. In severe cases they can even lead to sparks, which may cause an electrical fire. To troubleshoot this issue, unplug old power boards or devices from the outlet. This should generally stop the surges. If they continue, however, you should call a professional.

Tripping Circuit Breaker

A tripping circuit breaker is a common electrical problem, caused by too many high power-consuming items powered by the same source. Tripping circuit breakers is a safety mechanism to protect your appliances. If, for example, there is water inside a lightbulb, it should trip the circuit breaker as a protection mechanism. To stop it from happening, reduce the number of appliances that are drawing from the same power circuit and ensure that none of your electrical lines are exposed to liquids.

If you’d like more information on common electrical faults and how to deal with them, speak to the dedicated Key West Electrical team today. Contact us online or request a quote.

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