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The Role of Electrical Inspections in Home Maintenance

electrical inspection

Role of an Electrical Inspection in QLD Home Maintenance

In the modern age, our lives depend on electricity more than ever before. Whether that means requiring the internet, kitchen appliances, hot water systems or lighting, our home electricity is something we rely on each and every day. It is for this reason that electrical inspections are so important and necessary. A professional home inspection, done once or twice a year, can prevent potentially dangerous and costly issues around the house. In this article, Key West Electrical discusses the role of electrical inspections in home maintenance while highlighting important steps in the prevention of electrical accidents.

Common Safety Hazards

There are a number of common safety hazards that an electrical inspection can identify, all of which may lead to electrical accidents if they are not dealt with in an effective and efficient way. For example, houses may have overloaded outlets and electrical panels, which can easily lead to the burning of fuses and potential house fires. Poor and exposed wiring is another safety hazard to look out for, which can also cause electrical accidents such as shocks.

Professional vs. DIY Inspections

If you are a novice handyman around the home, there are certainly some things that you can look out for to protect yourself, your family and your appliances from electrical issues. However, a professional home inspection will not only identify the immediate risks, but it will also recognise potential future risks that can be prevented by taking proactive measures. A professional home inspection will also ensure your home is kept up to building compliance standards. As a homeowner, you put yourself at risk of legal action if you do not maintain a safe and secure house.

Planning Ahead for Home Renovations

If you are planning to expand your home through renovations, a smart thing to do is to have an electrical inspection prior to starting the build. This will give you an idea of whether your home can provide the requisite level of electricity for your needs. If you plan to add new lights or large appliances such as air conditioners or fridges, be sure to check if your electrical panel has the output capacity to provide this volume of power.

Finding a Qualified Electrician

The team at Key West Electrical provides professional home inspection services and has proven to be one of Queensland's best and most trusted electrical experts. We have been providing expert electrical inspection services for over a decade, so you can count on our expertise.

Discover more about prevention of electrical accidents today with our trusted team. Contact us online or request a quote on our Quotes page.

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